Screen Research is a leading manufacturer of state of the art video projection screens, mainly used for home theatre applications, but also in commercial installations.


Quality Counts

Screen Research’s hand-crafted and European-built screen solutions are engineered to meet even the most challenging design and installation requirements, offering a large choice of customized products, creating the perfect individual home cinema experience, every time.

At Screen Research a rigorous program of continuous development ensures that we stay ahead of the game, bringing the best fabric technology for any application. This is of fundamental importance as the fabric, the surface responsible for the reflection and projection of the image, is the heart of any screen.

We continue to work with the industry’s leading certification bodies, like THX® and ISF®, to achieve reference performance into every aspect of our fabrics.

Screen Research holds several international patents:

  • For the best acoustically transparent materials, which have made our brand world-wide famous thanks to the award-winning ClearPix™ fabrics
  • For our masking system solution
  • For our floating tab-tensioning system (TFX™)

Finally, Screen Research has one of the best configurator tools of the industry. To apply for a user account, please visit the dedicated section on this website.

The Brand

Founded back in 2001 in France as a top class provider of state of the art video projection screens, Screen Research aim has always been to create a perfect fusion between image and sound to achieve an unforgettable home cinema experience. 

At Screen Research, each member of the team has a passion for what we do, continuously pushing the boundaries on how to create the best home theater experience. This is what drives us forward to develop new products, new fabrics and explore new applications capable to help deliver the entire range of human emotions through the power of cinema.

Our Trusted Partners

The Imaging Science Foundation is a leader in the display standards industry, and is dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging. ISF has 4 basic roles in this industry and the PC industry, which include consulting with manufacturers regarding product development, dealer training, media communications and ISF licensing.

Screen Research ClearPix™, MultiPix™ and SolidPix™ fabrics are ISF-certified for their excellent video performance.

THX Ltd. develops technologies and certification programs that help deliver the true vision of filmmakers, game developers and musicians, from their studios to audiences around the world. THX technologies and certification programs are implemented throughout the production chain, from the set and studio to movie theatres and playback devices. As a result, manufacturers produce better audio/visual products, and cinema owners and studio designers create world-class venues.

Screen Research’s patented acoustically transparent ClearPix screen materials and StopLight black backing materials are THX-certified for their excellent audio and video performance allowing the user to position their loudspeakers directly behind the screen without any degradation in performance.

Somfy is a world leading manufacturer of controls, motors and automatic sensors. This technology leader is helping to create smart-homes and work-places around the world. They have produced more than 150 million motors since their inception and today they manufacture a motor almost every second, serving 270 million users world-wide. Thanks to their innovation lab, Somfy has more than 1,783 patents in their portfolio.

Screen Reseach is using Somfy products on most screens requiring motorization.

Nice is an international reference brand in the field of home-automation and lighting. They offer a large range of integrated systems for the automation of gates, garage doors, road barriers, tents and blinds, as well as wireless alarm and lighting systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Screen Research uses Nice’s Era Inn technology on the XTR3 and XLR3 fixed frame masking screens, to achieve an extremely silent screen with controlled deceleration, offering a cutting-edge solution for a real cinema experience at home.

Crestron is a leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. Offering integrated solutions to control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems, Crestron streamlines technology and improves the quality of life for people in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and in their homes.

Screen Research is a member of Crestron’s Integrated Partner Program which is designed to allow partner manufacturer’s products to operate seamlessly in a Crestron systems environment

Lutron is a leader in lighting control, renowned for the high quality of their products. Their focus on product innovations, technology, quality and customer service has made them a world-wide leader in the area of lighting controls. They offer more than 10,000 products to satisfy virtually any residential or commercial project. Lutron products adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light, and they remain to this day the only company that provides an integrated solution for controlling both natural daylight as well as electrical lighting.

Screen Research specifies the Lutron Sivoia Quiet Electronic Drive (QS) motor as an option in some of the masked and motorized projection screens.


The Mastrotto Group is an established international player in the manufacture of leather for the furnishing, footwear, clothing, car, boating and aviation industries. They have over 2,000 employees world-wide, working in 15 sites in 4 different countries. The group’s yearly turnover is not far from €500 million.

Screen Research offers the best leather materials from the Mastrotto Group as a high-value option to cover the housing of the Reference X-Mask range of prestigious fixed frame masking screens.

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