Multibrackets are one of our leading suppliers. Specialising in high-quality wall mounts and brackets for display technology optimisation. Improve the ergonomics of your home or office space with Multibrackets.

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Multibrackets Europe AB Product Catalogue

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Quality Counts

Multibrackets product lines, for consumers as well as for professionals, stand out for their quality and attention for detail. Multibrackets products incorporate the most durable materials such as steel and anodised aluminium alloys. Our projection screens are manually quality controlled before being shipped out, and the materials chosen for our projection screens meet the highest standards on the market. All Multibrackets products are subject to stringent testing. Produced in accordance with the highest norms, they offer guaranteed top quality and safety. As an example Multibrackets Universal Wallmounts are equipped with a level metering bubble. Quality control is a part of the process. In addition, Multibrackets products comply with the standards within the EU, which include product exposure to three times the admissible load for consumer products and up to five times for professional products. Projection screens comply with the ROHS directive. The extremely sturdy mounting offers ultimate usability. Multibrackets products come with fittings, decorative caps, international manuals and a unique warranty.

Design Matters

Our products are made to show their high quality, durability, feeling and appearance. To present the products the same way before they are unpacked we put effort in the design of the gift boxes, and how we pack our products in them. The gift boxes are made with the highest quality materials, smart thinking and even smarter packing: This creates a perfect way helps the end-user to choose the right mount for his or her needs with little or no extra help.

Stock Ready

We make your stock rotate quicker! Most manufacturers want you to carry their stock, in exchange they will give you better pricing. We won’t. We carry our own stock of all our best selling products, cutting delivery times by weeks! There is no need for you to purchase large quantities and overload your stock when working with us. Stock rotation is a key to reach the right price and the right products in stock, at all time.

Code of Ethics

Socially Responsible

Enriching Values

Employee Focussed

Eco Friendly

With a corporate project called “Ethics and Compliance” Multibrackets wanted to confirm its efforts as a company of ethics and social responsibility. The identity of our group is historically based upon values that through the years have been pursued and absorbed by all of us, the same values that have made possible the enrichment and consolidate our company culture. These rules from which our company values grow is clearly normative in order to prevent wrong doings, they have been formalized in the company organizational structure, in which the ethics code is the core. The ethical code is diffused in a way that makes it available to all Multibrackets employees and partners. Each individual cooperating with Multibrackets or employed by is reminded of the personal responsibility to which he has been entrusted with, in order to ensure a normative process. Our code of conduct for fair production & working conditions in an environment that is friendly to our planet.

MultiBracket’s Story

Multibrackets Europe AB was established in 2001. At that time the company founders were selling flat screen TV’s and came up with an idea of how to make the wall mounts slimmer. The idea developed into a patented invention – the M Universal Wallmount. Over the years we have added a wide range of products to our assortment. Today we have one of the most comprehensive product lines in the world, and supply Audio Visual Equipment for every need. Our reputation for quality products and innovative ideas is well known. Multibrackets is a family owned business. Our head office and design team is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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