Adeo Screen manufactures screens for video projection. It’s specialized in electric and fixed screens for home theater and professional audio visual market.

Àdeo Screens

Quality Counts

Born as a division of Adeo Group, Adeo Screen has transformed the production of screens into a fine art. As testified by its vast range of models: tensioned and with a rigid frame (such as Frame), motorised and hand-rolled, (with winch); with spring and tripod – culminating in their most innovative products, such as Multiformat. The choice is really ample, including a wealth of projection surfaces and numerous format options (from the classics: 4:3 and 16:9).

But the Italian brand Adeo Screen distinguishes itself above all through its ability to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Thanks to its PSS (Personal Screen System) the company is able to provide personalised, made to measure screens while remaining consistent with geometric rules and quality standards.

Whatever your needs, home cinema or professional applications, Adeo Screen always offers the best possible solution. An art that starts in Trento, Italy, and reaches the whole world.

To design a video system correctly, it is necessary to identify the optimal screen size for every single application. Specific conditions of the projection environment may require a very specific screen dimensions (width and height). With Adeo this option is possible, subject to the respect of geometrical parameters and the need to retain the quality of the final projection.

To make the size of the screen independent from the chosen aspect ratio, the screen’s height (H) is considered. Unlike the screen’s width (W), its height remains the same regardless of the aspect ratio chosen.

The first step in optimal screen size calculation is selection of the type of installation: professional or home cinema 

The Brand

Adeo Group is the result of this evolution. Since 2001, the company has been operating on three fronts: in Italy, in the professional audio/video and in the home theatre/hi-end distribution sectors; and in Europe, as Adeo Screen, distinguishing itself as one of the most successful manufacturers of screens. Expansion beyond the national borders stimulated the company to invest in new facilities to increase production capacity: thus a factory was constructed at Zlotoryja in Poland, with 3500 sqm for production and for the warehouse, plus 1000 sqm dedicated to offices and a showroom. The results were almost immediate: Adeo Screen soon dominated the Polish market as a leader in the production of high-quality screens.

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