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Good business should be a way of life

We are enthusiastic, driven entrepreneurs with a passion for top-end products. We are customer oriented and as such want to bring the best products and brands that the world has, to our customer base. We are passionate about well-designed products that solve real world problems.
To improve the world by sourcing, stocking and selling high quality product and top brands that gets the job done right the first time. We want our customers to experience an ease of doing business that makes buying, getting and using our products simple and easy.

With our varied backgrounds in worldwide sourcing, global trade, technology, IT, audio/visual, finance and business, we have a strong team to drive our business. We believe in creating strong trade relationships, sourcing high-quality products, providing accessibility to the Southern Africa market place as well as practising cutting edge organisational and human capital development within our own company.

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High Quality Products

Our product lines are perfectly suited for both consumers as well as for professionals. We ensure that quality is always the leading factor in our selection process.

Great Design

Apart from being focussed on sourcing quality products, MultiSell believe that great design has a massive role to play in customer experience and satisfaction.

Stock Ready

Many of our suppliers stock of all their best selling products, cutting delivery times by weeks and saving you from potentially having to carry dead stock. 

Access Southern Africa

MultiSell strives to connect high-quality products to the exciting Southern Africa market place, ultimately creating opportunities for everyone involved in the value chain delivery process.




Quality Products


Design Focused


About Relationships


Love for Tech

Core Principles

MultiSell has been built on two primary principles, having strong relationships with our trade partners and sourcing only the best quality products.

Dynamic Team

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in worldwide sourcing, global trade, technology, IT, audio/visual, finance, e-commerce, digital and business.

Creating Opportunity

Our company is passionate about new technology applications, developing trade opportunities for such technology within the Southen African market and being active in our human capital development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions and answers here. If you do not find the answer you’re looking for then be sure to contact us directly via email or telephone. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our business, products, sourcing criteria, opportunities and more.

What kind of products do you source and sell?

MultiSell sources international high-quality products that meet consumer trends and needs. Everything from LED brackets to industrial press machines, mobile technology and more. We are always on the look out for new products that show potential.

Do MultiSell only sell to busniesses in a B2B capacity?

We sell to businesses (B2B) as well as direct to consumers (B2C). Business customers however, can benefit from preferential pricing based on volume and/or reseller status.

How can I add my products to the MultiSell listings?

Should you wish to become a registered distributor of products to MultiSell and our database of consumers, businesses and resellers, please contact us via our online contact form below. State the subject as “Interested Distributor” and complete all the required information fields along with any message you wish to leave us. One of our business managers will get in touch with you to begin the process. 

How can I become a reseller?

You can become a reseller fo MultiSell products by contacting us via our online contact form below, state the subject as “Interested Reseller” and complete all the required information fields along with any message you wish to leave us. One of our sales agents will get in touch with you to begin the process.

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MultiSell is a South African based company that sources the best in international high-quality products and makes them easily available for the Southern Africa market.